Terms of Service

Who We Are

Connexons is the next generation communication and collaboration platform for all professions in the medical, educational and scientific fields around the world. TranScience, a nonproft organization with its mission to promote knowledge, education, research and transparency, develops Connexons as a universal playground for members to connect, share, create and innovate on the problems of today for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Connexons is the catalyst for future breakthroughs by providing a space for professionals to share, interact, and discover in a continuum. The communication and interaction are not one dimensional but multidisciplinary with physicians, scientists, allied health, nursing, dentistry, therapists, students, fellows, research staffs, industries, pharmaceuticals and so on. By enabling them to share their opinions with the companies whose products they rely on every day, our members have a voice in shaping the future of science technology and innovative treatments.

To accomplish our mission, Connexons engages research, development, and manufacturing professionals to collaborate on shaping the future of science and medicine. Members can initiate and participate in focus groups, share ideas, provide education and promote their professions. By improving the dialogue among scientists, healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals and biotech/biomedical industries, we expedite the next generation of discoveries.


Connexons is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its members. Please read the details of our Privacy Policy.

Reservation of Rights

Connexons extends membership benefits at its discretion. It maintains the right to change these policies, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without prior notice. Such changes include changing the terms of membership at any time, with or without notice. If Connexons makes significant changes to the membership benefits, it will provide notice of such changes on its website.


Connexons recognizes that most people in these professions are extremely busy. To make the process more efficient, Connexons will continue to create accounts and profiles from publically available information for all qualifying individuals. An email will be sent to each registered member providing information to log into the account. Members can cancel or delete accounts at any time. All qualified individuals within the medical, educational and scientific professions are encouraged to apply for membership by registering at Connexons' Signup Page. Inappropriate or unqualified accounts will be deleted without notification.

Active Membership

You have the right, and are encouraged to, view and update your profile information routinely. If, at any time, your personal or professional information has changed, you can make the applicable changes in Connexons.

Study Participation

Our membership records are stored in a secure, proprietary database. The database is used to determine whether a member meets the criteria necessary to be eligible for a research study.

When a new study matches a member's background and area of expertise, that member will be notified by email that the study is available for them to participate. Members may elect not to participate in a specific study, or studies, and will still maintain their membership.

Good Faith Terms and Conditions

Each survey will be taken in good faith and to the best of the respondent's abilities. This includes answering the survey questions honestly and prudently without providing false or misleading data. These include inconsistent or statistically improbable answers.

Violating good faith efforts can result in compromised data; therefore, Connexons reserves the right to withhold awarding any honoraria associated with the completion of any research study, if in our reasonable view, the response(s) are deemed untruthful or not well considered. Furthermore, Connexons reserves the right to withhold any honoraria awarded to a member under false pretenses, including but not limited to misrepresentation of background, current employment, current laboratory applications used, current laboratory suppliers, and current area of study. Honoraria for successful survey completion will only be awarded once per person per study.

Other Ways To Express Your Opinion

Members with unique qualifications are invited to participate in other initiatives such as live focus groups or telephone interviews. In addition, Connexons also offers its members the opportunity to participate in online group discussions, protocol submissions, product reviews, events, instant polls, editorials and more.

Discontinuing Membership

You may discontinue membership with Connexons without any additional obligation.

Connexons reserves the right to discontinue your membership following any one or more of these events: (1) If you act inappropriately or unprofessionally; (2) If the email address in your profile no longer accepts emails from Connexons (e.g., bounce backs, auto-replies, server does not recognize email address, etc.); (3) You request to be added to our Do Not Send List; (4) Any failure to comply with all applicable rules and requirements established by Connexons; and (5) Any conduct that is detrimental to Connexons’ community.

Your Consent

By accessing Connexons services and software, you signify your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Your continued use of any portion of Connexons website will constitute your acceptance of these changes. If you have questions or concerns about our policies, please Contact Us.


Connexons has the right to delete any inappropriate or unprofessional posting on the website. Posting such as jobs unrelated to Connexons community will be deleted. Depending on the situation, members might be given a warning. Members will be banned if they continue to violate the rules of Connexons.

Changes to our Terms of Service

If we decide to change our terms of service, we will post those changes on the Announcement section of the homepage.

These terms were last updated 03/26/2015.

We are committed to working with you to obtain fair and rapid resolution of any complaints or disputes about our terms. Contact Us if you have questions regarding our Terms of Service.

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